Other projects

Community/Neighborhood Planning:

Bergen County Community Action Program ~ Community Revitalization Plan, Garfield, NJ
Sandy Hill Neighborhood ~ Community Data Book, Paterson, NJ.

Redevelopment Planning:

Washington Ave. Revelopment Plan, Asbury Park, NJ
Churchill/Millstone Redevelopment Plan ~ Franklin Township
Phase I of the Redevelopment Project-Berry St. Commons, by the RPM development Group.
Roseville Community Revitalization Plan ~ City of Newark (click for news article)
Brunswick Avenue Community Revitalization Plan ~ City of Trenton
Developer/Redeveloper Proposals for a variety of private clients

Land Use:

Board Planner for the Township of Bloomfield
Expert Witness Testimony before Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Adjustment
Master Plan Amendment Addenum – Bloomfield NJ
Former Board Planner for the City of East Orange
Land Use Board Trainings
Design Ordinance

Civic Engagement and Community Outreach:

Central Avenue Arcade Facade Project in East Orange, New Jersey
Wachovia-DCA Housing and Community Development Scholars Program
Visioning exercise for communities in East Orange and Newark.
Community surveys in the cities of Trenton and Newark.
Group Discussion Facilitation


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