Recent Projects

2013 Lower Main Street Revitalization Action Plan

    Economic Development for Retail Corridor
    East Orange, NJ
    Data Analysis
    Community Engagement
    Public Presentation




Nishuane Group developed a Revitalization Action Plan for the City’s Lower Main Street Business District. The Action Plan included several critical interventions along the retail corridor: [1] Demonstration Project [2] Investment in the Public Realm [3] Vacant Properties Management [4] Infill Development. Concise and implementable recommendations were formulated for each of these interventions.

The Demonstration Project proposed the development of a large vacant parcel of land at the base of Lower Main Street directly across from the East Orange Train Station, City Hall and the School District’s new Community Performing Arts Center. It was designed to foster stronger partnerships amongst the major stakeholders in the area and to serve as a catalyst for development in the Lower Main Street Business District. Concept Design Options were provided to illustrate the potential value of the Demonstration Project.

Nishuane Group engaged the Main Street Business District and other stakeholders throughout the planning process. Our data analysis provided the City and its businesses with a better understanding of their trade area and specific recommendations for the improvement of sales, business development opportunities and the potential to reclaim the economic relevance of Main Street.

Finally, the Action Plan provided recommendations for land use controls, creative placemaking, sustainability, and transit & pedestrian-friendly design solutions to ensure the revitalization of this downtown corridor.