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East Orange Parks Master Plan

    Open Space Plan
    East Orange, NJ
    Land Use Planning & Community Engagement

The East Orange Park Master Plan will provide a guide for future land use and development of parks throughout the City of East Orange. The Plan will include an assessment of eight municipal parks; Particularly analyses of existing land use, conditions of structures in and adjacent to the parks, environmental conditions and park access. A detailed description of proposed parcels for park siting in each Ward will be provided as well as recommendations for the revitalization of City parks via acquisition, expansion and/or continued park maintenance. The public outreach component of this project will identify the needs, challenges and opportunities associated with the municipal parks. The Plan will reflect shared visions about the physical, social, recreational and educational needs and issues prevalent in the neighborhoods adjacent to the parks. It will also include a list of proposed tools to foster increased interaction between neighborhood residents and educational institutions. Finally, the plan will identify stewards in the community interested in working with City administration to implement the short and long-term recommendations identified in the Park Master Plan.




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