Recent Projects

Paterson/Great Falls Project

• PROJECT TYPE: Public Engagement, Small Group Facilitation
• LOCATION: Paterson, NJ
• SERVICES: Visioning/Public Engagement

Nishuane Group, LLC. supported a traffic circulation study, led by our partners at Parsons Brinkerhoff, to improve access in Downtown Paterson and around the Great Falls National Park. Nishuane conducted focus groups comprised of Paterson stakeholders, provided support for an introductory public meeting, and organized an interactive community workshop for the Spring of 2016.

Using a creative placemaking framework, Nishuane worked with artists and members of the project team to develop a highly interactive experience for community stakeholders in the spring public workshop, dubbed Paterson Vision Express. The workshop was designed to help participants guide the work of technical professionals and to share their visions and goals for Paterson, to help guide future work in the city.

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