City of Plainfield, NJ


Plainfield, NJ

Project Features

Redevelopment Planning

Project Setting

Urban Area

Key Personnel

Michèle S. Delisfort, PP, AICP Steven Martini, PP, AICP Adarsh Shah Simran Riar

Completion Date

December, 2019

TODD – South Redevelopment Plan

The subject Redevelopment Area was located within the City’s Transit-Oriented Development District (TODD). It was designated as a Transit Village by New Jersey Department of Transportation in 2014. The TODD designation allowed the City to change the zoning regulations to reflect a transit-oriented development increasing the density and height.

Although the City changed the zoning to accommodate transit-oriented development, the redevelopment area remained inactive and continued to experience blight and stagnation. The intent of this Redevelopment Plan was to address the challenges that have hindered the downtown district’s revitalization and reignite the area with mixed-use corridors and a variety of use districts to achieve economic sustainability.